Simplicity & Utility

The T-RING Finger Cut Kit contains everything you need to treat your next finger cut. Contents are positioned in order of use, simply open the kit and get started. After reviewing the “Warnings” to make sure you don’t require medical attention, follow the easy step by step instructions to use the contents of the kit to control bleeding, clean & close the wound. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t – it’s that simple.

So ask yourself, are you digits in danger? Whether you are hard-working laborer in the construction industry, or simply a soccer mom wanting to ensure her children’s safety, don’t get caught without one. You never know when a minor slip up can turn in to a costly trip to the ER. Avoid the medical bills. Make sure you have the best First Aid kit around and equip it with the Finger Cut Kit!


  • The Cut Kit can be used on 95% of cuts that are simple and involve the skin only
  • Clear instructions regarding when to seek medical attention
  • Simple step by step instructions
best first aid kit


T-RING Finger tourniquet (1)
Sterile 6” x 4” saline wipe (1)
Gauze 2” x 2” (2)
½” x 3” wound strips (3)
Bandages (2)
Shower shields (2)

Step by step instructions:

best first aid kit

Control Bleeding

best first aid kit

Wipe Clean

best first aid kit

Dry  With Gauze

best first aid kit

Apply Wound Strip

best first aid kit

Remove T-Ring

best first aid kit

Apply  Bandage