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The “Finger Cut Kit” allows you to safely & easily treat most finger cuts at home, work or at play. The kit contains the “T-RING”, the world’s first One-Size-Fits-All tourniquet for fingers; designed by an emergency room doctor to instantly stop bleeding when slid onto a cut finger. With the bleeding stopped, the “Finger Cut Kit” contains everything else you need to treat most finger cuts. Slide it on, clean the wound, apply wound strips and bandage. It’s that simple.

Finger Cut – A Very Common Injury

  • Most common injury sustained at home, work & play
  • 20 Million people visit a doctor each year for a cut finger
  • Most visits due to difficulty stopping bleeding
best first aid kit
best first aid kit

Expensive to treat

  • Average cost for treatment exceeds $1000!
  • Current deductibles for treatment have increased, often exceeding $400 – $500
  • Follow up treatment for suture removal can be hundreds of dollars & require time off work

Medical studies

  • Most finger cuts don’t need sutures!
  • No benefit to suturing most simple finger cuts
  • 95% of cuts involve the skin only
  • Simply cleaning the wound & applying a bandage provides the same results as sutures; with less pain, lower costs and a lower risk of infection
best first aid kit
best first aid kit

T-Ring is the key

  • T-RING immediately stops bleeding
  • One size fits all, cannot over-tighten
  • Simply slide on – anyone can use
  • Cleaning and applying wound strips are easier once bleeding is stopped

The Finger Cut Kit allows you to treat finger cuts in 3 easy steps

Control bleeding

Clean the wound

Close the wound

Have one ready at Home, Work & Play

best first aid kit

All of the best First-Aid kits are equipped with the T-Ring and Finger Cut Kit. Avoid an unnecessary trip to the hospital and the bills that come with it. Compact enough to go wherever you do, order your very own Finger Cut Kit today!