Dave R

This is the best little gadget I have ever owned!

Tony Johnson


As a medical professional, I can vouch for how useful the Finger Cut Kit is. It saves time and money and does the job quick!

Debbie S

My husband bought this and I was so glad to have this in the medical kit when my daughter cut her finger fishing. What an amazing tool.

Katie B

26 year old nurse

I was cleaning a ceramic knife when it slipped and cut my finger. I couldn’t get the bleeding to stop until I applied the T-RING.  With the bleeding stopped, I could see the cut was pretty small. I used the supplies in the kit to quickly clean and close my cut. I was done in less than 5 minutes. I am SOOOO glad I had a Finger Cut Kit on hand to save me a costly and time consuming trip to the Urgent Care or ER!